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I am an award-winning freelance photographer based in London (UK) specialising in rock and metal live music photography. I photograph gigs at venues of various sizes in and around London, and am part of the House Photography team at Islington Assembly Hall. Outside of the UK, I have photographed Tons of Rock Festival in Norway from every year since 2015 (apart from 2020 & 2021 due to the pandemic), and I have also photographed shows in The Netherlands and Belgium.


I am part of the photography team at both The Moshville Times and Stitched Sound, as well as writing live music reviews and other articles for both publications. In 2018 I became the Photo Editor at The Moshville Times and became more involved in the process of applying for press passes, as well as co-ordinating our photography team, and processing their images for publication online.


I have had my work published in Kerrang! Magazine and Revolver Magazine as well as on a variety of online music blogs, and in 2018 I exhibited my work for the first time in Liverpool as part of a music festival and photography exhibition. I am proud to be part of the Women In Live Music collective, and exhibited a selection of my work at their 2018 awards event in London.


Prior to the pandemic, I was working on a personal photography project celebrating women behind the scenes in the live music industry; from truck drivers to sound technicians. I hope to continue this project once live events return in late 2021.

During the pandemic I undertook a personal photography project titled Silent Venues which combined images taken at live shows in venues around London, juxtaposed with photographs of the now-dormant venues. The aim of the project was to raise awareness and donations for the #saveourvenues and #WeMakeEvents campaigns.

Currently photographing for:
- The Moshville Times (Photo Editor)
- Stitched Sound
- Islington Assembly Hall (house photography team)

- Music Venue Trust 

- Women In Live Music

Past clients include:
- Never Fade Records (live music and artist photoshoots)
- The Bias Cut (fashion photography)
- Mothership Group (house photography team)
- Feisty Magazine (photographer)
- MAMA & Co (house photography team)
- Kopparberg Urban Forest festival 2015 (photography team)


Thanks for getting in touch. I will get back to you shortly.

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