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I am an award-winning freelance photographer based in London (UK) specialising in rock and metal live music photography. I photograph gigs at venues of various sizes in and around London, and am part of the House Photography team at Islington Assembly Hall. Outside of the UK, I have photographed Tons of Rock Festival in Norway from every year since 2015 (apart during the pandemic), and I have also photographed shows in The Netherlands and Belgium.


I am part of the photography team at both The Moshville Times and Stitched Sound, as well as writing live music reviews and other articles for both publications. In 2018 I became the Photo Editor at The Moshville Times and became more involved in the process of applying for press passes, as well as co-ordinating our photography team, and processing their images for publication online.


I have had my work published in Kerrang! Magazine and Revolver Magazine as well as on a variety of online music blogs, and in 2018 I exhibited my work for the first time in Liverpool as part of a music festival and photography exhibition. I am proud to be part of the Women In Live Music collective, and exhibited a selection of my work at their 2018, 2022 and 2023 awards events in London. I currently have a selection of my photos on display at the Rose Shure Experience Centre in London.


I have an on-going personal photography project celebrating women behind the scenes in the live music industry, and during the pandemic I undertook a personal photography project titled Silent Venues combining images taken at live shows in venues around London, juxtaposed with photographs of the then-dormant venues. The aim of the project was to raise awareness and donations for the Music Venue Trust #saveourvenues campaign, and the Plasa #WeMakeEvents campaign.

Currently photographing for:
- The Moshville Times (Photo Editor)
- Stitched Sound
- Islington Assembly Hall (house photography team)

- Music Venue Trust 

- Women In Live Music


Past clients include:
- Never Fade Records (live music and artist photoshoots)
- The Bias Cut (fashion photography)
- Mothership Group (house photography team)
- Feisty Magazine (photographer)
- MAMA & Co (house photography team)
- Kopparberg Urban Forest festival 2015 (photography team)

Katie_HMAs 2023.jpg



Finalist: "Music Photographer of the Year" category - SO.CO Awards 2024


Runner Up: "Covid Chronicles" category - Event Photography Awards 2022


Winner: "Photographer" category - Women In Live Music Awards 2021


Winner: "Crowd & Venue" category - Affinity Photo New Rock Photographer 2020

Winner: "Photographer" category - Women In Live Music Awards 2019

Winner: "Music Events" category - Event Photography Awards 2019

Joint Winner: "Amateur" category - Event Photography Awards 2019

Winner: "Amateur" category - Event Photography Awards 2018

Longlist: "Best Photographer" category - Heavy Music Awards 2017



"Katie has participated on workshops I have run in concert photography at Tons of Rock festival in Norway. I have followed her development as a concert photographer for the last 5-6 years, also having been colleagues in the pit on several occasions, and I have watched her reach a very high professional level in her photography. She also has a dedicated and professional approach to her photography, which I value highly."

Per Ole Hagen, Artist Pictures

"You're so great at capturing a moment, and your edits are very focused and precise. I feel something with each photo, which isn't an easy task."

Byron Lemley, Numenorean

"Katie has taken both live and location shots for my band Clarence Oddbody. She is friendly and totally professional with her work. She really captures the gig experience with photos and makes us look like rock stars! We love working with her and highly recommend Katie for either a gig or location photoshoots." Paul Claxon, Clarence Oddbody


"Your photography is very impressive - you have a great eye for composition which is especially tricky in live band photography."

Elise Robinson, Design Team Leader, Marshall Amplification

"Katie embodies that holy trinity that every editor wants in their staff - always eager, quick turnaround to deadline and the highest quality. It is hard to believe that many of our top photos come from someone who can turn work around so quickly, yet Katie manages it time and time again."

Iain Purdie, Editor in Chief, The Moshville Times

"I worked with Katie in the photopit at Tons of Rock festival in Norway and I must say Katie is extremely easy to work with, as she's always kind and flexible, working hard to do things right and without getting into anyone else's way. And she's a lovely companion to hang around with when time allows. She has a fantastic eye for composing awesome shots even if the time in the photopit is limited, and I think her concert photos are by far better than some photographers with many more years of experience."
Andrea Chirulescu, Eternal Terror Magazine

“We love Katie's work at the venue! She always goes out of her way to ensure the best possible outcome for her photos, however established the bands may be”. Abi Boothby, General Manager, The Borderline

“Katie is a great photographer with incredible creativity and a professional and courteous approach to her work. Working as a house photographer for us Katie has shot many gigs of various genres, always with the same eye for detail and vision that produce consistently brilliant shots”.

David Byard, Assistant General Manager, The Barfly

"Katie has been taking amazing photos of Tan.Trum for many events over years since our gigs at The Arches, Kasbah and other local venues. We have been so impressed with her professional shots and have used them for our Facebook, website and other social media. She just knows how to capture the best dynamic shots from our live performances, capturing the images perfectly. The photo qualities are always amazing and it is brilliant as a band to receive such professional shots after shows." Tan.Trum

"Katie is a highly dedicated and professional photographer, with a strong passion for making the absolute best out of every situation possible. Her hard work and ability to captivate such an incredible moment, on stage and off makes Katie one of the most talented photographers in the music industry that we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It has truly been an honour to watch Katie progress and see her photographing more and more successful bands all the time. As a band we are so incredibly grateful for the time, effort and passion she has always put into her work for us and it never goes unappreciated. I am honestly not sure where The Prophets / Everything Aside would be without her!"

Kate Thompson, Everything Aside

"Katie provided Concentus with some of the highest quality photography and editing services we've had in our three years of live events, and on top of this she is responsive, cooperative, and understands individual needs. And most importantly, is genuinely excited about the bands / events she shoots!" 

Vidisha Jain, Founder, Concentus Music

"I've crossed paths with Katie on three occasions now - at shows with my band The Darker My Horizon - in London. She is not only a talented photographer, she also has a very pleasant demeanor and approach, and is both extremely professional and friendly. Katie is also reliable and will be there if she says she will. Can't recommend her enough." Paul Stead, The Darker My Horizon

"In looking through your portfolio I was really struck by the female power that comes across in your photos. Rock and roll is so male dominated, but you have all those great shots of women fronting bands / women playing guitar all looking strong and in's great to see and I hope some younger girls are seeing that!" David Wiggins, Photographer

"Katie is a dedicated photographer who takes high quality photos that she feels incredibly passionate about. Not only do you feel this passion through her work, but she also frequently manages to capture highly emotional portraits of musicians that, in my experience, others have failed to replicate. Her photographs always manage to feel incredibly personal and, because of this, are very powerful pieces both individually and as a collection".

Flora Maycock, music fan




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